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In the past, I've been able to work on both the client and agency side, which means I now have years of experience in website development and maintenance, social media management and marketing.

Being part of corporate mergers and the related rebranding processes, helping a company with a start-up vibe to create concepts and strategies, and building their owned media channels have been the biggest professional challenges so far, but at the same time the biggest opportunities to improve my knowledge and skills in these areas.

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Website development.

Your website is like your online business card. It is the first impression the user (and your potential customer) will have of your brand.

I don’t use ready-made templates. Each and every website I create is entirely unique and coded from scratch as I believe that only this will ensure that each company's unique brand will come to life.

The remarkable advantage of tailor-made coded websites lies in the capacity to plan and control the entire user experience, incorporate interactivity, and adjust every aspect of the website according to your needs and preferences.

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Social Media Management.

Understanding your target audience, setting clear goals, knowing competitors, and grasping social media algorithms can boost brand awareness, and sales, and foster strong customer relationships.

I'm sure you know the importance of all of this but you simply don't know where to start.

As we start tackling your social media presence, we start by building a strategy based on a deep understanding of your goals as a business and the psychology of your target customer to ensure that you aren't just getting likes and follows, but that you'll start getting actual results.

From developing a social media strategy to planning and creating content, from posting to analyzing and optimizing, let me handle this aspect of your business and increase your social media presence in an aesthetic way.

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Let’s take your brand to the next level.