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Hey, I'm Jessi.

Jessica Holz - Founder of Coast Soul Creative

Born at the Baltic Sea in Germany, the coast has always been a place of freedom and tranquility for me. It’s a place where I can clear my mind as well as think about the important things in life, without any stress or distractions.

I want to give that feeling to business owners and brands because I know how busy your daily life is. Fully packed with important decisions to make, actions to implement, and no time to think about your online presence.

Let me take the lead and carve out a smooth roadmap for creating a unique website, impactful social media strategies, and content that tell a cohesive story across all online channels.

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My Story.

My professional journey began in the world of hospitality, where I refined my strengths in quality, composure, and service. But I quickly discovered a deep yearning for creative expression and found my passion in the world of online marketing.

I've invested years refining my skills in web development & design, social media, and digital marketing, staying one step ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.

Guiding companies through mergers and rebranding journeys, I've honed the art of shaping concepts and strategies.

I also lend a hand to startups, helping them navigate their early stages and establish a presence through innovative owned-media channels.

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But what sets me apart?

I specialize in untangling the web of decisions that companies often get caught in.

Whether it's mergers, rebranding, or start-ups, I am excellent at clearing the clutter and providing a streamlined path. I put passion and dedication into every project to mitigate and simplify the daily challenges businesses face.

With me, you have an on-demand extension of your team with diverse skill sets, professionalism, and high-quality standards. I understand the importance of both the big picture and the most minor details when it comes to your business. I vow to keep the highest level of communication with you and your team so that you never feel like you’re losing track.

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Let’s take your brand to the next level.